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TDP Tax Guide 2024-2025
29 February 2024

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New Year, New Finances: Seven Resolutions to Transform Your Money Management
18 January 2024

As the new year looms on the horizon, many individuals find themselves contemplating resolutions aimed at enriching various aspects of their lives. Common aspirations include hitting the gym, adopting healthier eating habits, achieving work-related metrics, and, perhaps most crucially, putting their financial house in order.
Dormant Dilemmas: Unravelling the Tax Challenges Faced by Inactive Companies in South Africa
30 November 2023

A dormant company, by definition, is one that has remained inactive throughout the full year of assessment. With no business activities generating revenue, it becomes surprisingly easy for such entities to slip into obscurity, often accompanied by the entanglements of administrative red tape.
Clarity on the taxation and VAT exemptions applicable to farmers in South Africa
14 November 2023

Agriculture and farming constitute the backbone of any economy. It is unsurprising that the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 (the Act) outlines specific and advantageous regulations for farmers in South Africa. These unique tax rules are primarily detailed in the First Schedule of the Act.
Fuel Levy Exemption Extended to Food Manufacturers
25 September 2023

The diesel refund system, initially introduced in 2000, provides relief in the form of partial or full exemption from the general fuel levy and the road accident fund levy for primary sectors. This extension seeks to alleviate the burden of load shedding on food prices by granting manufacturers of foodstuffs the opportunity to claim refunds for distillate fuel used in combating the effects of load shedding.
TDP 50-year Anniversary Rebranding Initiative
By Lindy-Ann Steyn
1 September 2023

At TDP Accountants and Auditors (formerly known as Theron Du Plessis), we are looking forward to celebrating our 50th year in business, a testament to our reputation as a trusted and experienced company. We plan to mark this occasion with a fresh corporate identity that represents our dedication to remaining a dynamic and pioneering business.
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